Building a waste-not wonderland: Redefining our relationship to trash through a collaborative multi-media project.

Human beings are the only creatures on this planet who produce useless output. Socioeconomic praxis of commercialism and materialism have forced us into an unconscious cycle of purchase, dispose, and forget. Alchemy of Wastes seeks to integrate upcycling [as concept and material] into collaborative arts-based projects, events, and community building initiatives. By taking an interactive, interdisciplinary approach to unveiling and deconstructing collective perceptions of waste, we collectively change our relationship to it.


Alchemy of Waste collaborates with local artists, musicians, and activists to host events with workshops, screenings, live performances, visual and interactive art, and a marketplace – with a focus on upcycling as craft, concept, and inspiration.
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  “ALL IS FOUND” [2014] documents a quiet circuit-bending musician (Mickey) as he searches through a demolished school in the hopes of finding scraps and discarded objects which he later tinkers into musical instruments. The creators of Alchemy of Waste are inspired by dumpster divers, tinkerers, and circuit hackers – those eccentric characters who are normally perceived as hoarders, but are in fact the underground innovators of the upcycling movement. The team produced a series of short films which identify and investigate the project’s key themes. The second installation of this series – currently in post-production – stars NYC-based cabaret performer Dangrrr Doll, and was shot in the warehouse of the Terracycle headquarters in Trenton, NJ.

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Kamee Abrahamian was born in Scarborough, Canada to an Armenian family by way of Beirut; arrives in the world today as a queer woman and a multidisciplinary producer / artist / facilitator / storyteller. She has a BFA/BA in film & political science, an MA in art therapy, and is currently pursuing an MA/PhD in community, liberation & ecopsychologies. The bedrock of Kamee’s arts training is in classical ballet, theatre, and visual art.  In collaboration with fellow artists (lee williams boudakianKatie PartlowThe Hye-Phen Mag), she continues to develop a body of work inclusive of film, performance, writing, digital art & design (Dear Armen, Saboteur Productions).


Katelyn Partlow is a visual artist and performer with a background in sustainability and waste management. While receiving her BA in Sustainable Community Development, she worked with the DC Department of Public Works as a recycling consultant for the District’s public schools. Her photography has been exhibited in galleries and published in Vice, NY Daily News, ICG Magazine and Washington Life Magazine. She is currently living in LA and collaborating with Saboteur Productions on a performing arts and film project called, Alchemy of Waste.

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